Gamemail is a simple mailbox service, "optimized" for game account mails. 是一个简单的收件箱服务,专门为游戏账号的邮件优化。

For now, game mail by KLab is supported. You can request for more by contact me.
目前 已支持 KLab 的邮件服务,你可以联系我来支持更多邮件服务.

Yes, is free to 99% users. If you believe you are the 1%, you can contact me. 是一个免费服务,如果你有其他需求可以联系我

Login here with your Google account. Create an Email address by clicking the "+" button, then use the inbox.
点击这里使用 QQ 邮箱或者 Google 账号登录. 点击 "+" 按钮创建邮箱。

Of course, but you need to contact me to enable this service.
可以的,需要 联系我开启.

You can use "Link", add the Email address details by click the Link button.
Password will be reset, you will not be able to access this email address by password, only from your linked emails.
你可以使用 "关联邮箱"功能, 点击关联的按钮,填写账号信息.